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About David Bongiorno & Associates

Are you looking for an immigration lawyer in Melbourne to assist you with all your migration legal needs? David Bongiorno & Associates is a migration law firm in Melbourne, Australia. We offer straightforward and honest advice to people overseas and in Australia seeking to determine what opportunities they might have to migrate to Australia or remain here.

Our expertise in the myriad of rules and regulations that govern migration in Australia allows us to provide people with a realistic expectation of their prospects for migration. As a registered migration agent (MARN-0638473), David Bongiorno has been helping migrants for many years overcome their issues with visa's and immigration services.

View our client testimonials to see see how many satisfied clients we have assisted with their migration issues over the years. Our success rate is second to none because we are fully aware of the changes in migration legislation and the requirements that need to be satisfied in order to achieve a favourable outcome.

We employ a personal approach to your needs, plain English advice that you can follow, and set fees so you know that there are no surprise costs down the track.

At David Bongiorno & Associates we can help you if you want to:

  • Study in Australia;
  • Live and work in Australia;
  • Stay with family in Australia
    • At David Bongiorno with our expertise in migration services, we can assist you in the application and acquiring of a wide range of visa's suited for different purposes including aged parent visas, carer visas, aged dependant relative visa and much more.
  • Bring a partner to Australia;
    • We pride ourselves on helping couples make a new life for themselves in Melbourne. Our immigration services will allow you to apply for a wide range of visa's including offshore partner (temporary/permanent), onshore partner (temporary/permanent) and much more.
  • Travel to Australia;
  • Appeal a rejected application at the Migration Review Tribunal;
    • We have a fantastic record when it comes to visa applications and if you've previously tried and had your visa rejected we are more than happy to try it again for you with our immigration expertise.
  • Obtain Australian citizenship.

For more information please view our immigration services on our website or contact us today on (03) 9863 3188.

  Address   Level 2, 431 St Kilda Road
Melbourne, Victoria
  Contact   David Bongiorno
  Phone   03 9863 3188
  Fax   03 9820 2518
  Mobile   0488 588 806
  Website   www.immigrationlawyermelbourne.com.au


David Bongiorno provides a number of immigration services to his Melbourne, Australian and International clients.

The visa subclasses we specialise in are:

  • 143 – Contributory Parent;
  • 186 – Employer Nomination Scheme;
  • 187 – Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme;
  • 189 – Skilled Independent;
  • 300 – Prospective Marriage;
  • 309/100 – Offshore Partner;
  • 457 – Employer Sponsored (Temporary);
  • 485 – Skilled Graduate;
  • 573 – Student (Higher Education);
  • 820/801 – Onshore Partner;
  • and many more!

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Level 2, 431 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

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